Take Action Now

Start small! There are lots of ways to improve your weed management practices. Select the tactics you’d like to start practicing this year and make note of the things you’re already doing to reduce the number of herbicide resistant weeds in your fields.

Know Your Weeds

I will know my weeds.

Manage Your Fields

I will scout my fields regularly.

I will plant cover crops to suppress weed growth.

I will clean my equipment to prevent seeds from contaminating my fields.

I will rotate crops.

I will use tillage to control troublesome weeds.

I will manage weeds in field borders and ditches.

I will plant into fields free of weeds and do whatever I can to keep them that way.

I will think beyond herbicides and diversify my approach to weed management.

I will reduce the weed seeds in my soil.

I will take action before weeds go to seed.

I will prevent weeds from spreading between fields.

Understand Herbicides

I will apply herbicides at their full labeled rate.

I will use multiple herbicide sites of action.