Seven Weed-Management Apps You Need on Your Phone

Put that phone in your pocket to good use. Download these free phone and tablet apps to up your weed-management game.

1. Site of Action Lookup Tool

Why: Quickly ID the site of action (SOA) of popular herbicides you are using or considering. To help you diversify your SOAs, this Take Action tool also provides you with a list of products you should avoid using.

Android, iPhone, iPad

2. ID Weeds

Why: Identify weeds quickly and easily with this app from the University of Missouri. You even can find a list of suspects by entering characteristics that describe your unknown specimen.

Android, iPhone, iPad

3. Windfinder

Why: This weather app shows you the wind speed and direction front and center, right where you need it when preparing to spray.

Android, iPhone, iPad

4. Calibrate My Sprayer

Why: Sprayer calibration is essential for maximizing weed control and minimizing crop and off-target injury. This app, developed by Clemson University, is user-friendly – input broadcast or banded, nozzle spacing, nozzle number, speed and spray volume, and you are ready to go.

Android, iPhone, iPad

5. Agrian

Why: Allows you to quickly find and read chemical labels, including supplemental labels and updates. Keep in mind that the information on Agrian is for the entire United States, and not all products are registered for use in every state. Farmers with Android phones can access the label-lookup tool from Agrian’s homepage.

Android, iPhone, iPad

6. Mix Tank

Why: Determines the order to add products to the spray tank to ensure compatibility. It also allows applicators to quickly create, save and share spray logs with GPS information and integrated weather data. Spray logs on this app from Precision Laboratories, Inc. feature a stopwatch to record start and stop times, as well as total spraying time.

Android, iPhone, iPad

7. SpraySelect

Why: Quickly and easily choose the proper spray tip for a given application. Simply enter speed, tip spacing and target rate, select the droplet size category, and this TeeJet app provides a list of recommended tips.

Android, iPhone, iPad


These apps are listed in no particular order. The Take Action program is not affiliated with any of these providers. The United Soybean Board and all Take Action partners neither recommend nor discourage the implementation of any advice contained herein and are not liable for the use or misuse of the information provided.