Downloadable Take Action Resources

Disease Management

Fungicide Classification Chart

Repeated use of fungicides with the same mode of action can result in the selection of fungicide-resistant strains of plant pathogens. Use this chart as a quick reference tool to compare the mode of action of common fungicides and premixes.




Weed Management

Herbicide Classification Chart

Repeated use of herbicides with the same site of action can result in the development of herbicide-resistant weed populations. Use this chart as a quick reference tool to compare the site of action of common herbicides and premixes.






Herbicide Classification Chart Quick Start Guide

The Herbicide Classification Chart is your most important tool for taking action against your worst weeds. By knowing herbicide groups by their site of action (SOA), you can diversify your herbicide applications to reduce your risk of herbicide resistance.






Herbicide Classification Guide

Take Action is a step-by-step approach of identifying weeds, understanding herbicides and implementing best weed-management practices. This Herbicide Classification Guide is an important step in the program. By better knowing herbicides by their site of action groups, you can diversify your herbicide programs to reduce your risk for herbicide resistance. This booklet goes hand-in-hand with the Herbicide Classification Chart to help you manage your weeds.




Seed Trait and Herbicide Approval Status

Can I use it in my field this year?

Seed and herbicide companies continue to innovate and introduce new products to help farmers battle herbicide resistance. But with a variety of new technologies entering the marketplace, it can be difficult to stay up to date on the latest in product approvals. Reference this chart when planning your weed control system for the latest in approval statuses of seed traits and herbicide chemistries entering the market. Know your products and know if they’re approved for use.



Managing 2,4-D and Dicamba in Enlist and Xtend Soybean

Use these facts and best management practices for synthetic auxin herbicides in Enlist and Xtend soybean.







Eleven That Threaten Booklet

Herbicide resistance is real. And it’s ominous. There are many weeds that are developing resistance to herbicides. But the weeds listed here have taken resistance to whole new levels of risk. Which is why they are called The 11 That Threaten. Use the information in this guide to know more about them and why they are such a menace. Once you know their strengths and weaknesses, you can take action to minimize or eliminate their presence in your fields.



Know your weeds: The 11 biggest resistance threats

This poster provides information on the herbicide groups most commonly used in soybean production. The most problematic herbicide-resistant weeds and the herbicide groups they have evolved resistance to are also displayed.